Heading Toward the Holidays

The holidays can be a time of joy, loneliness, happiness, abject misery — many emotions and sometimes wide ranges and swings of emotion.

Stay safe. If you’re someone for whom the holidays bring up the loss of a most beloved person, please practice loving. Being loving is how *you* describe it. For me, being loving is extending myself to others.

I’m an introvert, not shy but easily overwhelmed by crowds and occasionally the emotions of other people because they can feel like they’re mine and affect my mood. My go to defense mechanism is isolation.

Isolating is good when it’s limited. When I find myself barricaded from the world, I feel lonesome. I am lonely. That’s my clue to extend myself to other people.

It’s all about balance and learning what’s right for me, for ourselves. We’re always learning. I am grateful to be able to learn. I’m grateful my brain still works even if my memory for minor things (e.g., an actress/actor’s name) takes longer to recall.

I’m grateful that I remain (mostly) within a feeling of gentle love and forgiveness that extends to all sentient and non sentient beings and even (gasp) to myself. That is a needed and beautiful thing.

Please be kind and loving to yourself. If you do something you regret, allow yourself to acknowledge the *mistake*. Forgive yourself and move on to loving yourself and others. You deserve that. We all do.

Thank you for reading. I wish you peace and love today, tomorrow and eternally. If you ever lose site of your beauty, your lovingness, take a deep breath and center yourself and remember. You are lovely. If you forget that, forgive yourself and remember again your true nature.

Peace and love


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