My name is Lili DiVita.

I have a BA in Psychology from UCLA. 1994 My Master’s degree is in Clinical and Community Psychology from U of Il, Urbana-Champaign. 1996

Besides my formal study of Psychology, I have also studied Astrology (particularly natal and relationships, i.e., Synastry and Composite charts), Tarot readings (specializing in relationships) since about 1976 Crystals (both the metaphysical meanings and rock tumbling), NLP, A Course in Miracles, Connecting with the Higher Self and one’s Guides since the early 1990s.

I worked in advocating/coaching/counseling folks with problems in living (e.g., mental health issues, substance issues and/or both, along with housing and job assistance.

I also taught in a variety of contexts mostly to children (substituting all grades) and young adults (Tutoring, SAT Prep, College Consulting). I love people and helping them is extremely rewarding to me.

I no longer work 9-5 but I’m not ready to retire. I enjoy putting all I’ve learned into helping others as a Life Coach and use my background in psychology and my experience counseling, teaching and new age studies into helping other people create their best lives.

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